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Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.

We believe that knowledge shared with passion can truly incite change. This is our goal and work within our systems based training and technical assistance program. We train agencies, organizations, Tribes and organizations across the Nation to identify and respond to Human Trafficking. Since 2016 we have trained over 22,000 individuals. We have an innovative team of human trafficking experts from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our work is survivor led and incorporates a lived experience with over 30 years of combined professional experience. Our work is cultural, trauma informed, and custom developed to fit your needs.

Once you identify human trafficking what do you do next?

We offer custom created screening and response protocol development. We have developed protocols for Tribal programs, counties, youth organizations and correctional centers.

services available nationwide

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The Mariposa Project curriculum is a tool proven successful for survivor empowerment and professional development by providing peer support and in-person survivor-led and developed curriculum-based cohorts. The Mariposa Project includes modules on healing, overcoming re-entry barriers, life skills, financial literacy, advocacy skills, and tools to help participants prepare for movement building and consulting on the issues of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Without proper support, survivors will continue to be re-victimized by media, agencies, organizations and those who seek a sensationalized survivor story. We believe as survivor leaders we have a responsibility to empower others and help to build healthy infrastructure within the survivor movement. The Mariposa Project provides opportunities for survivor leaders to come together to learn from one another, build unity, trust and collaborate on meaningful projects. Survivor greatly benefit from a specialized trauma informed professional development training to gain skills, raise confidence level and build community with anti-trafficking movement. Past cohort graduates work with our organization in various capacities and we strive to advance the work of the over 30 cohort graduates.

next cohort in spring 2020

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A program designed to assist Native American survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, The Yarrow Project works in collaboration with victim service providers and tribal organizations to develop relationships that allow survivors access to cultural and spiritual healing events, resources, and community. Click below to visit the Yarrow Project website and learn more.

project manager: marissa perez

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tribal Training and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE

We are Native led and offer training and workshops on Human Trafficking of Indigenous people on reservations and urban settings. IHTC is experienced in helping Tribes develop effective systems and programs to combat human trafficking and support Indigenous victims in cultural and trauma informed approaches. We have worked with Tribal Nations throughout the country and we are experts of the dynamics of human trafficking in Indian Country.

services available nationwide

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Tribal Outreach and Murdered and Missing INDIGENOUS Women and girls

Innovations HTC supports Indigenous grass root activism around trafficking and MMIWG. Human Trafficking and MMIWG have an inherent link, this is undeniable. We host cultural events such as sewing circles, talking circles and empowerment and healing groups. We support the empowerment of Native survivors and MMIWG families and often host vigils, make posters and run a MMIWG Facebook group with over 2,500 members.

services available nationwide

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