Training and Technical Assistance

Training Events

We offer tailored training to organizations ranging from law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys, to tribes and tribal service organizations, as well as victim service providers and advocate groups. Training centers around a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to trafficking response and prevention. It will equip all levels of providers with the tools to assist survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and trafficking beyond their rescue, developing a rehabilitation plan that will carry the men and women they serve into a safe and thriving future. At the core of the prevention training is the need for widespread systems change, with fundamental changes in the prevention, detection, prosecution, and response to trafficking victims and those who sell and purchase them.

Policy and Protocol Development

After an organization or community has been made aware of trafficking in their midst, often the question is, what’s next? We provide the tools to develop screening and response protocols in a trauma-informed and victim-centered environment.


Law and Order Codes

Often in tribal and rural communities, criminal codes focus on the prosecution of victims, and not on those purchasing and selling them. Our services include professional assistance in building and enacting law and order codes that define and respond to trafficking and soliciting sex.

Curriculum and program development

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 75% of trafficking victims globally are women and children.


Programs and Projects


The Yarrow Project

A program designed to assist Native American survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, The Yarrow Project works in collaboration with victim service providers and tribal organizations to develop relationships that allow survivors access to cultural and spiritual healing events, resources, and community. Please see the Project website for information and referrals.


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

There is a definitive and stark overlap between Missing and Murdered Native men and women and the trafficking of Native people for labor and sex. We frequently partner with MMIW awareness and outreach organizations, in order to assist with searches, fundraising, public knowledge and protesting those who enable exploitation.

The Mariposa Project

In 2015, the first cohort of survivors attended The Mariposa Project. This curriculum is survivor developed and led, and helps survivors of sexual exploitation effectively share their personal experiences and use their voice to help foster change in ways that are empowering and protects from further exploitation. Empowering survivors is a crucial component in reshaping the public debate and awareness of human trafficking issues. The Mariposa Project empowers survivors by providing the technical skills, tools and confidence to help them prepare for public speaking, consulting and advocacy on the issues of trafficking and sexual exploitation. The program works to create sustainable system change through the development of safe and open dialog practices that engage audiences, media, and influence public policy.

Through the three cohorts IHTC has held, survivor participants have seen dramatic improvements in confidence levels when speaking about their personal experiences. A survivor who attended the training explained, “When I became public with my story, I didn’t have the skills I needed to effectively share my message. I wanted to be heard and was excited to get a chance to share my voice. Unfortunately, I was unprepared and and experienced victim blaming, stigma, re-exploitation, and re-traumatization. My initial experiences were far from empowering.”

 The 2017 Mariposa Project Cohort

The 2017 Mariposa Project Cohort


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